TheDatabaser 1.0

About The Databaser (TDB)TDB represents a paradigm shift in...

About The Databaser (TDB)TDB represents a paradigm shift in the way database applications are developed. Now we have a database development tool that allows organizations of any size to develop and maintain database management systems that fit their specific needs economically.

Features that are important to mention are:;Ability to provide inexpensive custom software. ;A robust Query Builder that can join as many as ten tables to sort, filter, mine data.

Experience with SQL not required;A Report Writer / Chart Builder that is without equal in this industry? yes, it`s better than Crystal Reports.

;An Import / Export feature that allows TDB to interact with most other database platforms? MS Access, Excel, DB2, Oracle, and the list goes on.

;Touch Screen capability that will open new markets because is so cost effective. Organizations currently using TDB Touch Screen applications include the Valvoline Motor Oil Co.

, and the Archives Division of Rockland County, New York, a POS application in Florida among others. ;In response to the new government HIPAA security requirement ENCRYPTION/DECRYPTION routines have been added.

The possibilities are endless and we are only limited by our imagination! That`s powerful. Why Is The Databaser Different? TDB is an easy to use, fast, and flexible database development environment in which powerful applications can be created quickly ?

even by ? non-technical? people. Furthermore, applications, which are developed in TDB environment, are easily modified or expanded ? on the fly?

. TDB is different because YOU DON`T HAVE TO BE A PROGRAMMER to create robust, powerful relational database management systems! It is not necessary to know C#, C++, SQL, Visual Basic, or any programming language.

There has been, in the past, a tendency by some technotypes to dismiss TDB out of hand as just another Access, FilePro, File Maker, Alpha 5 or EasyData.

However, in order to match the power and flexibility of TDB, these products require the skills of a programmer The MarketThe current version of TDB is designed specifically for an initial target market of small to medium sized companies and organizations.

While the marketing options seem almost endless, here are a few we feel will be open to us: ;marketing to corporations and corporate networks;licensing and direct sales through promotions;internet sales through a corporate web site;sales through distributors;wholesalers, retailers and other resellers;as wrappers and front ends for mass marketed software of other companies;in response to the new government HIPAA security requirement servicing the medical community.

;and through its touch screen capability, the rapidly expanding touch screen market. DBI believes customer service following sales or licensing will also be very lucrative.

Assisting customers with the integration of TDB into their new or existing systems to derive full potential, particularly for use by non-technical personnel, and by creating touch screen applications, will be a significant after market consulting profit center for DBI.

In ConclusionIn the not too distant past, the mantra of the industry was ? build it and they will come? . It was difficult to dispute this operating philosophy during the boom years when customers sought the latest hot technology.

Until recently, large corporations and organizations were the principal software purchasers, and the major software providers focused their resources and attention on this segment of the market.

Virtually ignored by the major players were the small to medium sized entities. Yet the need for database management is as great if not greater in this sector than it is for the major organizations.